About us

A brief history of our company

The beginning of our company dates back to 2010. Motivated by great passion and willingness to share the knowledge gained over the years of functioning in the construction industry, we decided to create a friendly place for everyone looking for help in building and finishing a house or other investment.
We know that without professional support it is easy to feel lost in the multitude of products available on the market, which is why we have built a competent team ready for comprehensive cooperation. We are driven by the motto: "We improve ourselves to better serve you", which is why we constantly enrich our knowledge, develop our professional and personal skills and keep up to date with new technological solutions.
We dedicate our offer to both bigger and smaller investors, aiming to meet the highest expectations. Therefore, in addition to a wide range of materials, we offer professional assistance of proven contractors and architects who cooperate with us. At the moment we have two sales points, four warehouses, our own transport fleet, a group of dedicated employees and a group of proven suppliers.

Why should you trust us?


Our many years of experience in the market have given us an in-depth knowledge of the construction sector. We know exactly what the difficulties are in construction, from the beginning to the turnkey closure, and we know how to overcome them.
This extensive knowledge enables us to offer the best products, professional technical advice and, thanks to our cooperation with experts, comprehensive support in many areas. You can turn to us at any stage of the construction process!

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Our strong points

Rich product offer

We offer a wide range of building and finishing materials, technologies and construction equipment at competitive prices, as well as advice from manufacturers' representatives

Everything from a single source


We provide services for construction investments from the creation of the project to the full implementation of works, including assistance in preparing cost estimates, or coordination of construction material supply

High level of competence

Our knowledge and experience allow us to support even the most demanding investments, and individual approach to each Client helps to create a friendly atmosphere of cooperation

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